Rail of War is a game made by Youda Games.


The dawn of the iron war has begun, and the enemy of the player's country is losing. The player has one chance of making it: Drive Trains throughout the lands to win the war. As the enemies grow stronger, the player still advances through with new tech in the form of more advanced trains and finally defeats the enemy at night in a jungle ending the iron war.


The game has a unique interface. The player can choose Mission mode(The main game) to play through the story and unlock trains, weapons, and components. In Rail Rage, players use their trains to complete unlocked levels as fast as possible. In Level Editor, the player can create his or her own levels. The level interface involves buttons to set the train's speed and can go in reverse as well. Going too fast however results in skidding off the track. The mouse is used to fire cannons on the train. However, some are automatic or, like the Large Cannon, cannot rotate resulting in limited range.


Skies of War, a Spiritual Sequel of the game, is similiar, but uses airplanes instead of trains and ammo is limited for certain weapons. There are also more enemies and introduces allies that help defend you. This game takes place 28 years after Rail of War.