The Messerschmit is an airplane seen in Rail of War and Skies of War.

Rail of WarEdit

The Messerschmit is an airplane enemy and will continuously fire because it has the same AI as the airplane Focke Wolf and unlike Focke Wolf, it has slightly more health and deals slightly more damage with its guns.

Skies of WarEdit

The Messerschmit in Skies of War appears as an unlockable plane unlocked in the 4th mission. It is classified as a "Fighter-Bomber" in the game and features the ability to hold heavy bombs unlike Focke Wolf and can carry more items than Focke Wolf. It is however, more expensive than the Focke Wolf.


  • In real life, this airplane was manufactured by Germany during World War II.
  • This airplane, though its Rail of War description says it is a fast plane, its speed is actually the same as Focke Wolf.
  • Though a Fighter Bomber according to Skies of War, it cannot use Gatling Guns like

A10 Thunderbolt(The other fighter bomber), and pure bombers.

  • This is the 1st full version only airplane in Skies of War.