Focke Wolf is an airplane seen in Rail of War and Skies of War. This is a basic airplane commonly seen throughout the games.
Fockwolf in game play

In Game Play

Rail of WarEdit

In Rail of War, this plane serves as a common enemy launched from an airport. It will repeatedly head for the trainand keep firing until destroyed. It is also the weakest air strike.

Skies of WarEdit

In Skies of War, this is the starter plane you begin with. The Focke Wolf can equip Basic Machine Guns, basic bombs, missiles, and Propaganda. It is also a common enemy launched from airports for air to air combat


  • Simple airplane that will keep firing until destoryed.(Game Instructions)
  • The focke wolf is based on a German World War II fighter aircraft.
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  • There is a glitch in Rail of War where this plane can become invincible while firing at you. Its not really indestructible, the guns on the train will always miss so it is wise to keep repairing.